"Whey" Better Mediterranean Pizza

"Whey" Better Mediterranean Pizza

Argyle Cheese Farmer has come up with a pizza that is topped with their delicious cheese curds! And the crust is made with whey from their cheese adding more protein!

Crust: Cheese Whey, Flour, Olive Oil, Sugar, Corn Meal, Yeast, Salt, and Seasoning.

Red Sauce: Tomato Puree, Crumbled Cheese, Olive Oil, Garlic, Sugar, Herbs, and Salt.

White Sauce: Quark cheese (Cultured pasturized Milk, Vegetarian rennet, and Cheese cultures), Basil, Garlic, and Salt.

Topping: Chef's choice of toppings, plus: Crumbled Cheese (Pasteurized milk, Salt, Vegetarian rennet and Cheese cultures).

Contains Milk. Keep frozen until baked.

All natural, preservative free, made local, and fresh from the farm!
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"Whey" Better Mediterranean Pizza
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