Have you ever wondered why the coffee you make at home just isn’t as good as it is at your local coffee shop?

It’s because…

  1. You’re probably not a barista (Unless you live in Brooklyn)
  2. You’re not using the best dairy and/or coffee that New York State has to offer.
While we do not provide the barista, we do provide New York’s highest quality milk. The same milk used in the top coffee shops in NYC. We are proud to carry Battenkill Valley Creamery farm fresh dairy.

    Battenkill Valley Creamery has been in the milk business since 1902, and they really are THE BEST. Trust us, you never had better chocolate milk in your life. Battenkill Valley Creamery is just one of the farms that we work with that are the best at what they do. We work with a bunch of other small farms that will really make you reflect on all the other good things that you have been missing out on in life.

    Our name, “Country Roads Delivery”, is a nod towards our dedication. Going the extra mile is different when it’s an extra mile down a country road, and quite often, that is just where we find ourselves. Our mission is simple. We will go the extra country mile because we only want the best. The best for our family, for your family, and for all the small farms and local businesses that are a part of what we do.

    Join the family today and let COUNTRY ROADS LEAD RIGHT TO YOU!

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