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Battenkill Valley Creamery

Award Winning Dairy from Salem, NY

The Battenkill Valley Creamery family has been dairy farming in the Battenkill Valley region of Upstate, NY for more than a century now. Unlike most small dairy farms, Battenkill Valley Creamery began bottling their own local farm fresh milk. Their first processing day was February 15th, 2008. Battenkill Valley Creamery milk goes from cow to bottle in LESS THAN 8 HOURS! We take great pride in working with Battenkill Valley Creamery to provide customers with the freshest milk possible.

Argyle Cheese Farmer

High quality Cheeses and Yogurts from Hudson Falls, NY

Cheese House on Dave’s family farmstead in Argyle, which had been in operation since 1860. There they crafted a product line of high quality cheeses, yogurts, buttermilk, smoothies, and many other delicious dairy products. For many years they successfully marketed their products directly from the “Cheese House” in Argyle, at Farmer’s Markets around the region and in New York City, and in other local retail establishments, and restaurants. In 2020 Argyle Cheese Farmer partnered with Ideal Dairy Farms and expanded into a new processing facility in Hudson Falls.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen

Old Fashioned Preserves and Condiments from Old Chatham, NY

Beth's Farm Kitchen has been making quality products since 1981. The business was started by Beth Linskey, the author of many of the recipes that continue to be our customers favorites. In November of 2016, the company was purchased by Jodie Emmett & Guillermo Maciel. Jodie & Guillermo chose BFK not only because the jam tastes fantastic, but also because they have a deep belief in the value of supporting local farmers, a company ethic from the start. They take daily joy and pride in connecting customers with the flavors and experiences of the Hudson Valley. As farmers themselves, Jodie & Guillermo plan to grow the ingredients for their own products.

Gatherer’s Granola

Delicious Granola Mixes made with Local Ingredients from Schenectady, NY

Gatherer's began as a family recipe. In early summer of 2012, Gatherer's moved into its own facility in Schenectady, New York. It is a point of pride to work with Gatherer’s to be able to share their family recipes with so many people. As the company has grown they have doubled down on their commitment to quality, the one factor that truly sets them apart from the competition. The unusually high quality of their products remains their defining characteristic.

Gelato & Co

Authentic Italian Gelato from Queens, NY

Italian gelato made fresh daily with all Italian ingredients and equipment. The only ingredient that is not Italian is the milk, but don’t worry, they get their milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery. The levels of quality and authenticity here cannot be matched. A dessert staple in NYC since 2017.

Harney & Sons

Master Tea Blenders from Millerton, NY

It’s been nearly four decades since John Harney developed a passion for fine teas. John began his journey in mastering the art of tea blending in his basement. The proprietor of an inn at the time, John served his distinctive blends to his guests; the rest, as they say, is history. Today, the Harney family carries the torch passed to them by the founder of their family business.

Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Grass-fed butter from Hamilton, NY

Kriemhild dairy was formed in 2010 but their history goes way back. The name comes from the original herd of holstein-friesian cattle that were born, raised, and registered in the United States, just a few short miles from their Creamery. The herd was raised by Gerrit Smith Miller, grandson of the famous abolitionist, Gerrit Miller in Peterboro, NY. His herd is historically recognized for achieving modern milk production volume from grass grazed cows almost 100 years ago. Currently, all their products are made and packaged in their plant except for Crème Fraîche which is still being packaged at Sunrise Dairy, located in Norwich, NY. At this moment, around 300 cows from local farms work hard to provide nutrient rich grass-fed milk, for their products.

Mapleland Farms

Pure Maple Syrup from Salem, NY

David and Terry Campbell began sugar-making even before they built their own sap house. As little boys, the Campbell brothers gathered raw sap from their own trees and transported it to their Grandfather Robertson’s sugarhouse for finishing. Then in 1972, the boys convinced their dad, James Campbell, that they needed to build their own sap house; and they haven't looked back since. In the mid-1980’s, they took the business to a new level by participating in area craft fairs and finding retail outlets, some that we still do business with today, to sell their products.

McMurry’s Sunset Farm

Family Farm Fresh Eggs from Argyle, NY

The McMurry Family care for their cage-free Red Star hens on their 80-acre farm in Argyle, NY. The McMurry’s feed their cage-free flock a strong diet with no hormones or preventative antibiotics and in return the hens produce quality healthy eggs.

Melissa Golden Honey

Natural local honey and honey products from Walton, NY

MELISSA (Bee in Greek) APIARY provides natural local honey and honey products. They produce, pack, and distribute their own natural honey. What makes Melissa Golden Honey so special? They don't add anything to the honey to weaken these unique natural flavor profiles. It's all up to Mother Nature and the Honeybees. It's 100% Pure and Raw Natural Golden Honey, harvested from their own Beehives at Catskill Mountains of Walton, NY. God save the Queen bee!

Muddy Trail Co.

Beef Jerky, Seasoning, and baking mixes from Greenwich, NY

Mary and Rene Lussier first started their venture in the jerky business. Creating recipes and ideas for flavors with no shortage of volunteers for taste testing. They then started with seasonings and introduced Olive Oil Bread Dipping Seasoning and Garlic Lover’s Dip & Seasoning, putting out samples at events and markets. The two most popular dips. They become so very versatile as they are used for more than just a dip. They can be used as salad dressings, marinades, dips, and whatever! Next came baking mixes, especially the family favorite: Apple Crisp. They basically took away the fresh ingredients used to make this like the apples and butter and packaged it so anyone can make it just by adding sliced apples to a seasoning mix, adding butter to the crisp mix, and have an amazing dessert for their family. All made with real ingredients, no fillers, or artificial ingredients. We are to work with Muddy Trail Jerky Co.

Pucker’s Gourmet

Competition Grade Fermented Products from Salem, NY

Pucker’s Gourmet is a small artisanal Lacto-fermentation company that produces old-world bourbon barrel-cured pickled vegetables. Our products source local produce and are crafted with pride in rural Washington County, NY. Puckers is a raw and vegan friendly product. We are 100% free of preservatives, wheat, soy, and gluten. Our fermentation process produces Lactobacillus live cultures which are an important element of a proper healthy diet. Pucker’s Gourmet has won best in show and first place at The International Rosendale Pickle. We promise to passionately continue using 100% all natural ingredients, support local resources, practice environmentally conscious business and to produce the world’s best pickles for generations to come.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company

Peanut Butter that makes the soul sing from Saratoga, NY

It all started in a small kitchen in the heart of Historic Saratoga Springs, NY. in 2005. A well thought out plan was developed to design a Peanut Butter that would not only deliver a heart healthy punch but would make the soul sing as well. Something that would be absolutely delicious, without losing the “nutritious” aspects…. Eureka! The Saratoga Peanut Butter Company was born.

Saratoga Springs Water Company

Premium bottled water from Saratoga, NY

As America’s premium domestic spring water, their products are made from the finest spring water, bottled in award-winning packaging, and guaranteed by the experience gained from their 140+ year history.

Sfoglini Pasta Shop

Authentic Italian style pastas from Coxsackie, NY

Like so many artisan food companies, Sfoglini was founded in Brooklyn in 2012. Since its founding, Sfoglini has been operated by Steve Gonzalez and Scott Ketchum: a chef and a creative director, respectively, each with a serious passion for pasta. Bottom line: Sfoglini pastas are made with organic grains grown on North American farms which are always milled in the US, bronze die extruded and slow dried (that good Italian way), and made and packaged with a whole lot of care in New York’s Hudson Valley. It’s all quality from the field to the bowl.

Tierra Farm

Organic nuts from Valatie, NY

Tierra Farm is a certified-organic manufacturer and distributor of nuts and dried fruits, located 20 miles south of Albany, New York. Our customers consist mainly of cooperatives and independently owned grocery stores which value working with an environmentally conscious company that manufactures its own products.

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